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e-Learning Training for Administrators

Description: This 14-hour course is intended for aspiring and current LMS Administrators with background in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, ICT, Educational Technology and other related studies. The lessons covered in this course will provide learners an adequate skills and knowledge on LMS so that, they would be able to build, implement and maintain LMS into their organization. Some tips and best practices in LMS Administration will be discussed and applied during the training in order for the learners maximise their time and effort, and instill in their mind the proper way of LMS management and administration.

At the end of this course, attendees will be able to;

  1. Identify what is Moodle LMS
  2. Apply the different settings on Moodle Administration block
  3. Demonstrate the best practices on Moodle administration

Topic Outline

A. LMS Overview

  1. Brief Background and updates.

  2. Understanding LMS. How would it fit to organization's requirements.

  3. Comparison of different Learning Management Systems

B. LMS Installation

  1. Choosing the best setup

  2. LMS Pre-requisites. Hardware and Software Requirements

  3. Step by step LMS Installation

C. Course Managment in LMS

  1. Course Categories

  2. Add, edit and delete courses

  3. Forms of Enrolment

D. User Management

  1. Adding Users

  2. Uploading Bulk User Action

E. Manage Permissions

  1. LMS Pre-defined Roles

  2. Contexts Assigning Roles

  3. Creating new roles

F. LMS Look and Feel

  1. Customizing your frontpage

  2. Customizing Navigation

  3. Selecting LMS Themes

G. Installing Plugins

  1. Plugins Overview

  2. Module Plugins

  3. Installtion of Plugins