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e-Learning Training for Advanced Users

Description: This 14-hour course or equivalent to 2-day training is intended for educators who have previous knowledge and experience on using LMS. This training will help participants provide additional and a more effective tool for their courses by maximizing the use of key resources and activities inside LMS. This training also include some tips and best techniques that would be helpful for educators and LMS Administrators to make the most out of their course in LMS.

At the end of this course, participants would be able to;

  1. Setup a dynamic and effective course in LMS.

  2. Apply best techniques in creating course in LMS.

  3. Develop course content using LMS advanced resources and activities.

  4. Evaluate the different resources and activities of LMS.

Course Outline:

A. LMS Overview

  1. Brief Background and updates.

  2. Understanding LMS. How would it fit to organization's requirements.

  3. Comparison of different Learning Management Systems

B. Setting up a course in LMS and creating course content.

  1. Using Book

  2. Using Glossary

  3. Using SCORM Package

  4. Using Database

  5. Setting Up a Certificate

  6. Building a Quiz

C. LMS - Google Integration

  1. Creating forms in Google Drive

  2. Integrate forms created from Google to LMS

D. The Question Bank

  1. Creating questions

  2. Creating question category

  3. Importing question from a flat text file

E. Creating Rewards using Badges

  1. Creating new badge using the Mozilla Open Badges web-based application.

  2. Manual and automatic awarding of badges.

  3. Adding criterion on awarding a badge.

F. Setting up a restrictions and conditional formatting on course, resources and activities

  1. Using Restrict Access

  2. Using Conditional Formatting

G. Viewing the Reports

  1. Viewing Grade Reports

  2. Viewing Activity Completion Reports

  3. Viewing Logs

H. Create different types of Grading Methods

  1. Simple Direct Grading

  2. Creating Marking Guide

  3. Creating Rubric

I. LMS Highlights

  1. PDF Submissions on Assignment

  2. Database Activity

  3. Repositories