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e-Learning Training for Teachers

Description: This 14-hour course, equivalent to 2-day training/ workshop is intended for educators and LMS Administrators. It focuses on the use of the different key resources and activities inside LMS, to deliver dynamic, effective and stimulating online learning courses for their students.

At the end of this course, participants would be able to;

  1. Familiarize themselves on different kinds of LMS.

  2. Navigate the user interface of LMS.

  3. Setup their own courses.

  4. Develop a dynamic and effective course content using the key resources and activities of LMS.

  5. Create online quizzes and assessments.

Course Outline

A. Introduction to LMS

  1. Brief Background and updates.

  2. Understanding LMS. How would it fit to organization's requirements.

  3. Comparison of different Learning Management Systems

B. Getting Started: Setting up your first course

  1. The Screen Environment

  2. LMS Navigation

  3. Overview on Blocks

  4. Profile Settings

C. Course Administration

  1. Setting up a course

  2. Enrolling users to a course

D. Adding Resources

  1. Compose a Page

  2. Compose a Label

  3. Linking to a file

  4. Creating Book

E. Adding Activities

  1. Creating Assignment

  2. Creating Class Forums

  3. Build Quiz

  4. Creating a Glossary

  5. Using Chat

  6. Creating Forum

  7. Creating Database

F. Course and User Management

  1. What are tags?

  2. How to enroll student to your course?

  3. How to create groups?

  4. How to backup your course?

  5. How to reset a course?

  6. How to add questions on Question Bank?

  7. How to switch roles?

G. Configuring Blocks.