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"The Cutting Edge of Online Education 2014."

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Date: Tuesday, 22 June 2021, 3:10 AM


To Whom it May Concern;

Nephila Web Technology Inc, the latest official Moodle Partner and the first in the Philippines, will be conducting a series of trainings for this year entitled "e-Learning Training: The Cutting-Edge of Online Education 2016”. The target participants are Teachers/ Trainers and E-Learning Administrators from different industries such as Education, Corporate, Healthcare and Government institutions. In this regard, may we invite you to attend on the said training. 

For educators who will be attending the training, you can earn value credits as this series of trainings is  endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education  (CHED).

The series of trainings will be held at the Philippine Social Science Center, 1101 Commonwealth Ave., Diliman Quezon City from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This is a series of 2-day training with a target number of fifteen (15) participants per batch. Our proposed schedule is as follows:




Moodle Training for Teachers

April 27 - 28, 2017

May 18 - 19, 2017

June 8 - 9, 2017

October 19 - 20, 2017

November 16 - 17, 2017

P 6,050.00

Moodle Training for Advanced Users

May 4 - 5, 2017

May 25 - 26, 2017

June 15 - 16, 2017

October 26 - 27, 2017

November  23 - 24, 2017

P 6,600.00 

Moodle Training for Administrators

August 3 - 4, 2017
August 10 - 11, 2017,
August 24 - 25, 2017,
August 31 - September 1, 2017


The registration fee is inclusive of food and certificate of participation and attendance. All participants will be requested to bring their own laptop for the workshop.

The objective of the training is as follows:

  • Provide the schools a solution for distance education, especially those schools who offer distance learning program, in line with the mandates of R.A 10650 which is the Open Distance Learning Law signed by Pres. Aquino.

  • Empower the schools and its educators the necessary competencies to compete with other schools in the ASEAN countries by providing their students an online learning support.

  • Promote collaboration and build rapport among educators from different higher education institutions in the Philippines.

  • Establish a distance learning environment where teachers and students can collaborate and communicate, anytime, anywhere.

  • Develop necessary competencies to create online learning resources for students.

  • Develop effective instructional designs for different types of learners.

For more than five (5) years in existence, the company, Nephila Web Technology Inc has been, and will continue to empower and provide necessary competencies and skills on e-learning to different industries in the Philippines and in the world.

Nephila Web Technology, Inc. is an Information Technology company registered under the Republic of the Philippines with SEC License # CS201107236. Our company promotes the use of Open Source Software as it creates realiable, stable and secured systems in a cost-effective manner.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Sheryl R. Villaroman

Managing Director

Nephila Web Technology Inc.

CHED Endorsement Letter

CHED Endorsement 2015

2014 Endorsement

DepEd Advisory

e-Learning Training for Teachers

Description: This 14-hour course, equivalent to 2-day training/ workshop is intended for educators and LMS Administrators. It focuses on the use of the different key resources and activities inside LMS, to deliver dynamic, effective and stimulating online learning courses for their students.

At the end of this course, participants would be able to;

  1. Familiarize themselves on different kinds of LMS.

  2. Navigate the user interface of LMS.

  3. Setup their own courses.

  4. Develop a dynamic and effective course content using the key resources and activities of LMS.

  5. Create online quizzes and assessments.

Course Outline

A. Introduction to LMS

  1. Brief Background and updates.

  2. Understanding LMS. How would it fit to organization's requirements.

  3. Comparison of different Learning Management Systems

B. Getting Started: Setting up your first course

  1. The Screen Environment

  2. LMS Navigation

  3. Overview on Blocks

  4. Profile Settings

C. Course Administration

  1. Setting up a course

  2. Enrolling users to a course

D. Adding Resources

  1. Compose a Page

  2. Compose a Label

  3. Linking to a file

  4. Creating Book

E. Adding Activities

  1. Creating Assignment

  2. Creating Class Forums

  3. Build Quiz

  4. Creating a Glossary

  5. Using Chat

  6. Creating Forum

  7. Creating Database

F. Course and User Management

  1. What are tags?

  2. How to enroll student to your course?

  3. How to create groups?

  4. How to backup your course?

  5. How to reset a course?

  6. How to add questions on Question Bank?

  7. How to switch roles?

G. Configuring Blocks.

e-Learning Training for Advanced Users

Description: This 14-hour course or equivalent to 2-day training is intended for educators who have previous knowledge and experience on using LMS. This training will help participants provide additional and a more effective tool for their courses by maximizing the use of key resources and activities inside LMS. This training also include some tips and best techniques that would be helpful for educators and LMS Administrators to make the most out of their course in LMS.

At the end of this course, participants would be able to;

  1. Setup a dynamic and effective course in LMS.

  2. Apply best techniques in creating course in LMS.

  3. Develop course content using LMS advanced resources and activities.

  4. Evaluate the different resources and activities of LMS.

Course Outline:

A. LMS Overview

  1. Brief Background and updates.

  2. Understanding LMS. How would it fit to organization's requirements.

  3. Comparison of different Learning Management Systems

B. Setting up a course in LMS and creating course content.

  1. Using Book

  2. Using Glossary

  3. Using SCORM Package

  4. Using Database

  5. Setting Up a Certificate

  6. Building a Quiz

C. LMS - Google Integration

  1. Creating forms in Google Drive

  2. Integrate forms created from Google to LMS

D. The Question Bank

  1. Creating questions

  2. Creating question category

  3. Importing question from a flat text file

E. Creating Rewards using Badges

  1. Creating new badge using the Mozilla Open Badges web-based application.

  2. Manual and automatic awarding of badges.

  3. Adding criterion on awarding a badge.

F. Setting up a restrictions and conditional formatting on course, resources and activities

  1. Using Restrict Access

  2. Using Conditional Formatting

G. Viewing the Reports

  1. Viewing Grade Reports

  2. Viewing Activity Completion Reports

  3. Viewing Logs

H. Create different types of Grading Methods

  1. Simple Direct Grading

  2. Creating Marking Guide

  3. Creating Rubric

I. LMS Highlights

  1. PDF Submissions on Assignment

  2. Database Activity

  3. Repositories

e-Learning Training for Administrators

Description: This 14-hour course is intended for aspiring and current LMS Administrators with background in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, ICT, Educational Technology and other related studies. The lessons covered in this course will provide learners an adequate skills and knowledge on LMS so that, they would be able to build, implement and maintain LMS into their organization. Some tips and best practices in LMS Administration will be discussed and applied during the training in order for the learners maximise their time and effort, and instill in their mind the proper way of LMS management and administration.

At the end of this course, attendees will be able to;

  1. Identify what is Moodle LMS
  2. Apply the different settings on Moodle Administration block
  3. Demonstrate the best practices on Moodle administration

Topic Outline

A. LMS Overview

  1. Brief Background and updates.

  2. Understanding LMS. How would it fit to organization's requirements.

  3. Comparison of different Learning Management Systems

B. LMS Installation

  1. Choosing the best setup

  2. LMS Pre-requisites. Hardware and Software Requirements

  3. Step by step LMS Installation

C. Course Managment in LMS

  1. Course Categories

  2. Add, edit and delete courses

  3. Forms of Enrolment

D. User Management

  1. Adding Users

  2. Uploading Bulk User Action

E. Manage Permissions

  1. LMS Pre-defined Roles

  2. Contexts Assigning Roles

  3. Creating new roles

F. LMS Look and Feel

  1. Customizing your frontpage

  2. Customizing Navigation

  3. Selecting LMS Themes

G. Installing Plugins

  1. Plugins Overview

  2. Module Plugins

  3. Installtion of Plugins

Contact Us

Room 101 Philippine Social Science Center , 1101 Commonwealth Ave., Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
(+632) 453-7347


"e-Learning Training: The Cutting-Edge of Online Education 2013"